Bird Attack


This blog is pretty much just a place for me to upload my music for anyone who is interested.
I'm thinking I probably wont hold back too much, so there will be alot of junk.

The equipment I use is an assortment of tools and instruments i've accumulated over the last couple of years. Most of them were collected on a budget and all seem to give me great excuses for why I don't like the music I make.

24" iMac (6.1) Intel Core duo 2 (2007 model)
2 x Numark TT-1625 (plastic) turntables
          / equipped with 2 x Shure M44-7 needles.
Ecler NUO2 mixer
2 x Nintendo DS (for use of Korg DS-10 synthesizer)
Super Nintendo
Yamaha RX15 Digital Rhythm Programmer
Disco Tec 'Pro DJ Series' 2 channel mixer. (This was the first mixer i ever bought)
Rane (Scratch Live) Interface Box (with 2 Control Records)
10" Colourfully Painted Djembe
9 Pices Second Hand Drum Kit
$12 Harmonica

Serato Scratch Live
Ableton Live (v.7)
2 x Korg DS-10 Synthesizer
Mario Paint (music application) and miscellaneous SNES games.

Everything that has been uploaded on the blog has been recorded on and off my iMac in bedrooms throughout Melbourne.

Hope you enjoy what has and will be posted.


The header image was drawn by a very talented illustrator and graphic designer by the name of Caitlin O'Neil. Who knew working in a Kiosk could be so rewarding.