Sunday, May 30, 2010

Macgyver Ain't Got Shit On Me

So this happened on the weekend on the way to a party.

My iMac fell over in the car and crushed one my of plastic fantastics, breaking off one of the counter-weight. I had to use whatever was around to slap together a makeshift weight. So Introducing..

Makeshift Counter-Weight Step-By-Step Instructions.

Step 1: Using a chunk of Blu-Tac carefully stick the detached weight to the furthest side of the axle as possible.

Step 2: Find a bunch of rusty nails.

Step 3: With some sticky-tape, bind the nails together to form one object. If there aren't enough nails available, don't be afraid to include any other objects which might add extra weight. (eg a shoe)

Step 4: Using the same sticky tape as before (providing you have enough left), tape the counter-weight to its previous location.

Step 5: Combine the added weight of the nails to the already Blu-Taced counter-weight, by taping them together.

Step 5: Reinforce the construction by taping the whole thing to the tone arm.
(Tip - Be careful not to tape the axle, as you will not be able to move the tone arm at all)

Step 6: Check to see if the cartridge is not in contact with record. If it is, add more objects to opposite end.

Step 7: Once complete, hit play and hope it lasts the rest of the party.

Step 8: Buy some CDJ's or those stupid iPod "all in one" mixer things like everyone else. (Don't)